Meredith Kansas City's mission is to serve our clients with friendly, unmatched customer service.  We are committed to building our clients' brands with highly effective campaigns: locally, regionally and across the country.  

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About Meredith Kansas City

Meredith Kansas City is a dynamic team of advertising and marketing consultants specializing in television, OTT, digital, social media, and print. With a diverse portfolio of local brands such as KCTV and KSMO TV, and additional iconic lifestyle brands such as PeopleEntertainment WeeklyBetter Homes & Garden, Southern LivingMoneyShapeParents, and All Recipes under our parent ownership, this team understands the power of meaningful marketing and driving consumers to action.   



Our Local Stations

KCTV and KSMO TV are known for its community efforts and leading television programs. Home to Better Kansas City, the Take 5 to Care initiative, Surprise Squad, and more, Meredith Kansas City proudly produces some of the top broadcasts and community outreach missions in the Kansas City area.

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"Bra Couture KC launched almost ten years ago to raise funds specifically for uninsured cancer patients, men, women, and children in the KC metro area. BCKC was selected in its second year to be a part of KCTV Take Five to Care and together with their support, Bra Couture has raised over $2M and created 5 cancer services centers at five major hospitals, support Cancer Action, and with Imaging for Women conduct 200 free mammograms each year. A huge part of BCKC’s success is a result of this strong partnership."

Sharon Payne, President/Founder of Bra Couture

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“We have some good news we wanted to share after our Better KC segment. The community received a phone call from a new lead that saw the segment and said it ‘changed his perception of them’ and he has an appointment to take a tour. The client is very excited! We also saw a spike in online traffic that same morning. Things are going well, so I wanted to share that update with you.”

Avery LaGalle, Representative for John Knox Village of GlynnDevins



"I love running geofencing campaigns because you are physically able to see how everything is working. If you have a billboard up you don't know how many people have actually seen that billboard. But with geofencing, you can see how many ad impressions have been seen, how many people have clicked on an ad, and the most beneficial part is being able to track conversions of people who have seen an ad and shopped your product. It's successful because you are able to move the fences around and find the "best fit" for what works best for your client and reaching the right people. KCTV has done a great job managing our campaigns and getting results for our clients."

Tyler Williams, XX of Vietti Marketing Group

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Our Community

One of Meredith Kansas City’s core values is to do good in the community while inspiring others to do the same. We are committed to inform and report on community issues, plus, when possible, be the solution. Many of our Meredith Kansas City community initiatives are made possible by sponsors who align with this value. If you’re interested in joining our community efforts, please reach out to Meredith Kansas City.


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