11 Marketing Tips for Holiday Marketing in Kansas City

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Oct 15, 2020 9:00:00 AM

11 Marketing Tips for Holiday Marketing in Kansas City

Both marketers and consumers already know, this holiday season will look a little different. People are concerned with maintaining social distance while still spending time with friends and loved ones. They may also have unique purchasing or shopping needs this year. In order to make your business stand out, you must adapt your holiday marketing to the current times. Follow these tips and you can help to see an increased return on your marketing investment. 

1. Start Now

You don't want to market to a holiday audience that has never heard of your products before. Begin your marketing now so you can start putting out the word about your business. This will help keep your brand top-of-mind for consumers so that when they start making their holiday shopping lists, your products and/or services will be something they recall easily. 

2. Paint a Positive Picture

This year consumers need the joy and excitement that comes along with the holidays, more than ever. Use your marketing to paint a positive picture and help bring that joy. 2020 has been hard on many Kansas City residents, but that does not mean that they cannot enjoy the upcoming seasons and everything they have to offer. Offer an uplifting message or visual and get your target audience excited for the holidays. 

3. Highlight Your Main Offers

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 4-17-37 PM-png-1As you start your holiday marketing, think about what your business is offering that your competitors are not. What offers will help bring consumers through your door--or to your website? Highlight those main offers in your ads to help attract more attention. Eighty-five percent of consumers want to know the best products and services your business can offer, and 75% consider price a key factor. Keep these elements under consideration as you shape your ads to better reach your customers and provide them with what they need. 

4. Preview Your Sales

One way to gauge the interest of your customers is to give them an early look at what you plan to offer this year. Seventy-eight percent of consumers plan to do their holiday shopping early this year to allow for shipping delays and other challenges. Others may need to plan their holiday shopping carefully to allow for budgeting. By previewing your sales early, you help shoppers plan to include you in their holiday needs. 

5. Showcase Kansas City

This year people have recognized the importance of supporting local businesses and you know Kansas Citians love Kansas City! By showcasing Kansas City, you can help consumers feel more connected to your business. People are longing for a sense of connection with those around them in the community.  Be sure to highlight locally made products.  

6. Share What You're Doing Different

Your customers want to know how your business is handling this very unique year. What steps are you taking to keep your shoppers safe? Are you offering curbside pickup options? Expanded delivery? You can even consider offering coupons that focus on online purchases, rather than requiring them to visit the store in person. Use your ads to share information about what you're doing to help your customers meet the challenges they face this year.

7. Encourage Your Customers

Spread an uplifting message of holiday cheer. A positive message from your company could bring a smile to people’s faces, and even be the reason why they choose to do business with you. This year might look different, but it's still the most wonderful time of the year!

8. Increase Your Frequency

Consumers are inundated with ads, especially towards the end of the year. During the holiday season, they see more ads than ever. Increase your frequency to make sure that your ad appears in front of consumers at the right time and that your business stands out from all the other noise. 

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9. Advertise Across Multiple Platforms

An integrated holiday marketing strategy can increase the return on your marketing investment and your total sales. This approach will help you stay in front of your target audience throughout the season. If you work with a media partner, you can learn more about the most effective platforms for connecting with your customers this year. 

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10. Be Creative

Do something a little different with your holiday marketing this year. Consumers are looking for entertainment and positivity. Creative flair in your ads can go a long way toward lifting them up and offering that vital entertainment this year. 


11. Offer Insider Deals

Insider deals encourage consumers to stick with your business. They make them feel special: like they're getting in on something that not everyone can have. Inside deals can also encourage people to stick with your business, rather than going to your competitors. It costs less to keep an existing customer than it does to capture a new one, so offer your current customers powerful incentives to stick with your business this holiday season. Try providing special deals on social media or through your emails to attract loyal followers to make purchases. 

The holiday season is a critical time for many businesses, but this year could be more important than ever. By pivoting your marketing strategy to meet current needs, you can attract more consumer attention to your business and increase the overall return on your advertising investment. 

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