Advertise to an Older Audience with KCTV5's Aging In Style Campaign

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Advertise to an Older Audience with KCTV5's Aging In Style Campaign

Businesses with older audience demographics may wonder how best to reach them and struggle to develop a solution. However, there are some great ways to strategize marketing to older groups. In addition to other types of strategies, businesses can use KCTV5's Aging in Style resource to reach these audiences.  

Whether marketing to baby boomers or other older generations, keep the following tips in mind to help you succeed with your marketing efforts. 

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Get Your Business in the Spotlight on KCTV5's Aging in Style 

Having your brand appear in KCTV5's Aging in Style can significantly increase exposure and earn trust when marketing to older audiences. Aging in Style is an online and TV resource for seniors and their friends and families. While the website is regularly updated with new material, audiences can watch the segments on KCTV5 on Wednesdays at noon and on Saturday mornings. Both the website and TV segments cover various topics, including health, community, and investments to help seniors live their best life.  

By getting your brand featured in Aging in Style, you can position yourself above competitors in the local community. While TV and online ads and other marketing materials can reach broader audiences, Aging in Style can help you dominate the local market in the Kansas City area. 

Make Marketing to Seniors Successful by Speaking Their Language 

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 9.23.30 AMBrand voice and messaging should always speak to your target audience in a way that's both familiar and comfortable to them. The same principle applies when marketing to seniors. As you build your marketing campaigns around these audiences, make the language relatable to them. This primarily entails avoiding any trendy language that younger audiences use. You can conduct surveys and look at how older audiences interact with brands to get a better feel for how best to communicate with them. 

It's also important to speak directly to these audiences and not to children or caregivers who might buy for them. Treat older audiences like any other, as they're fully capable buyers who can make independent decisions. If older audiences feel as though you're either talking down to them or not at all, they'll be far more likely to turn to a competitor that shows them respect. 

Align Your Messaging with How Your Business Will Improve Their Lives 

Older audiences want to make purchases that can improve their wellbeing, health, leisure, wealth, and other key aspects of their lives. Baby boomers are primarily concerned with quality and how products or services will improve their quality of life. In your messaging, you should explain how your business works. In the process, you'll want to explain how it serves your audience and improves their lives.  

Some offerings may help them save more time, for example, while others may make daily living easier. Other products or services may solve a specific problem that your audiences face. Regardless of how your business can help audiences, they must see the value of turning to you over other brands. 

Make Calls-to-Action a Cinch 

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 9.24.46 AMYou also need to make purchasing or taking the next step in the customer journey as easy as possible. Baby boomers' buying power is 2.6 trillion, which is why it's necessary to make the buying process as efficient as possible for them. Remember, baby boomers didn't have a lot of technology growing up, making it best to avoid using apps and other newer technologies to get them to buy. Many baby boomers don't even possess smartphones. Instead of targeting mobile users, try to make buying accessible to these audiences via other devices such as computers, email, or over the phone.  

Everyone benefits from clear buying processes in general, including seniors. In establishing this clarity, make your CTAs as transparent as possible. Let your audiences know precisely how to reach you through your ads and other marketing efforts. Also, be sure to answer questions that older audiences may have, guiding them toward a sale more efficiently. With every approach you take to marketing and developing your CTAs, simplicity is vital. The last thing older audiences want is a challenging buying process that consists of too many steps. 

Boost Your Marketing Efforts Among Seniors with Aging in Style 

If you need a great way to market to seniors, Aging in Style can take the guesswork out of locating an older audience. This is because this platform was made with these specific audiences in mind.  

By advertising on Aging in Style, you can build a strong relationship with seniors, increase brand awareness, and grow your business. Combined with other marketing efforts, Aging in Style can help you position yourself above the competition and ensure you truly stand apart. In the process, you'll resonate with older audiences and drive sales. 

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