How to Integrate Lifestyle Marketing into Your Marketing Mix

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May 12, 2021 11:30:00 AM

How to Integrate Lifestyle Marketing into Your Marketing Mix

When marketing specific products and services, you're selling more than the offerings themselves—you're selling a lifestyle that your audience leads or aspires to lead. Whether you're showing how your offerings make your audience's life easier in a specific way or enable them to live the lifestyle they want, you can use lifestyle marketing to establish a stronger connection than traditional efforts.  

For example, a business selling a particular household product that makes homeowners' lives easier can demonstrate it on TV through a lifestyle segment. This shows the product in action in a familiar home-style setting, using a popular platform among that particular local target audience. 

There are many reasons why lifestyle marketing works, making it a viable option for small businesses and large corporations. The following are some tips to consider to help you develop a lifestyle brand and connect with audiences. 

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Sponsor Segments on Local Lifestyle TV Stations 

One of the best ways to get into lifestyle marketing is to sponsor segments to showcase your brand and offerings on local TV. You can then use the segment's social media channels to continue advertising your business online.  

You can sponsor many Living KC segments on KCTV5 News at 9 AM on lTVKCocal TV stations, giving you several minutes to connect with your local audiences as opposed to a 30-second spot that feels less relevant. Not only can you advertise effectively with lifestyle segments, but you can also present information in a unique and friendly manner. In the process, your brand will appear more inviting to consumers. 

Create Product Demonstration Videos 

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 11.36.36 AMYou also have the option of using your website to post product demonstration videos. These videos can specifically show what your product does or offer specific tips on how customers can use it. You can also create videos highlighting particular features or uses that different segments of your audience will want to see. Audience input can therefore help inform the direction for these videos and the creative process behind them. 

Additionally, you can show off your company culture through the use of employee profile videos. You can also show the company itself and give audiences an inside look behind the scenes of your business. This can go a long way in lending a human face to your business and further relate the lifestyles of your employees to those of consumers. 

Make Print Ads for Lifestyle Magazines 

Your lifestyle marketing efforts can also go beyond purely TV and digital platforms. Taking out print ads in lifestyle magazines helps customers associate your products with their lives, establishing an even stronger connection with them. Keep in mind that national publications are worth pursuing if you have broad access. For instance, you can use eCommerce ads to reach audiences through a national magazine's online counterpart. However, regional publications will enable you to reach a more specific demographic or geographic area.  

Ultimately, print ads can be a great supplement to the rest of your efforts. After all, many of the audiences who come across your ads in their favorite magazines will likely recognize you online or on TV. As a result, lifestyle magazine advertising can boost your brand's staying power and ensure you stay in audiences' minds. 

Connect to Your Audience Using Social Media 

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 11.36.44 AMWhile showcasing your brand on a lifestyle segment can give you access to the hosting station's social media, you should also use your channels. You can promote your product and engage with customers on your company's social media pages. This will allow you to build more trust with audiences by addressing their specific concerns. 

Besides sharing demonstration videos and engaging in discussions with audiences, you can organize events or launch hashtag campaigns around your products. For example, you can promote a cooking product through a hashtag that encourages people to cook a particular meal or treat and post a sample made with your product.  

Social media also gives you the chance to develop your brand voice and tone through audience engagement, making your brand more personal and memorable. There are many ways to integrate social media into your lifestyle marketing and other campaigns. If you're not using it to your advantage, you're missing out on one of the best channels for your brand, whether for lifestyle marketing or other efforts. 

Build a Better Relationship with Audiences Through Lifestyle Marketing 

With these lifestyle marketing tips in mind, you can use them to develop your brand around a specific ideal effectively. These campaigns can promote your company and products using a friendly, indirect appeal that encourages people to buy from you over less personal competitors.  

Meanwhile, competing businesses that use more traditional marketing may struggle to develop that same connection, giving you the upper hand. Through the combination of lifestyle segments on TV, social media campaigns, print media, and other marketing channels, you'll ultimately be able to drive long-term results. 

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