Using Meredith Kansas City’s innovative products and digital marketingservices, your ads reach targeted local and regional audiences in brand-safe environments.  With these tactics, our goal is to drive more real-world engagement and offer transparent analytics on ad performance.

What Digital Marketing Does

What is Digital Marketing?

Meredith Kansas City is a powerhouse brand with digital assets at our fingertips. By leveraging our display, mobile, and responsive platforms for the benefit of you, our advertisers.

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The importance of digital marketing assets for businesses

The Importance of Digital Marketing Assets

Get your message to your target market by leveraging our audience on both our website and social media platforms. Our team helps you break through the noise by offering engaging, high impact, premium ad space on our website and our Facebook page.

What is geo-fencing in digital marketing?

What is Geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing is a way to engage consumers by targeting them in a hyper-local location. Our team of experts can sit down with you and create the best geo-fencing strategy for your business goals.

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